Our Story

In 2019 a clothing brand was born in a sauna located in the eastern block region. That brand was The Eastern Block Designs, a label inspired by making a difference, being brave, standing out and last of all being f*****g stylish, while doing all of that. 

The Eastern Block Designs first collection idea was born by a moment lived through in Australia back in 2018, where one of the creators of TEBD used to live. One day, while catching waves near Margaret River, he met a guy, who made his surfing poncho out of different towel pieces. That poncho instantly inspired him to design a streetwear collection out of towel fabric in the future.
Today this cozy collection is ready and called “FEELS SO GOOD”.

The Eastern Block Designs wants people to come out of their comfort zones, try new stuff, be chill and positive. The brand grew as friends, musicians, DJs and like-minded individuals joined in and started spreading The Eastern Block vibe at parties, festivals and special events. The Eastern Block Designs products are handmade specially on order to bring the best quality clothing available only at very select stores in limited quantities. 


Our team tries to do as much as possible to minimize our carbon footprint. That's why we have decided to reject using plastic packaging with our products. All of our products come either in a carton box or paper bag. Also we recycle our fabrics as much as possible and encourage our partners and family members to do the same.

Our Family